"The Absolutely Indispensable To Do List for Raising Confident & Secure Mixed Race Kids"

Identity development for mixed race kids is hard. There can be a lot of expectations placed on our kids and they may try to meet them all. Mixed kids face being rejected, isolated, bullied and more.

That's where parents come in! In order to be resilient in the face of society's judgment, kids must be built up at home. This list covers what parents need to do to support strong and resilient mixed race kids.


The Absolutely Indispensable To Do List for Raising Confident & Secure Mixed Race Kids

This valuable resource will help you believe in your ability to provide your mixed kid all they'll need to build a strong identity. Here's what you'll learn when you sign up (it’s FREE!):

Pressures Your Child Will Face
Mixed race folks are marginalized and have to face a whole host of unnecessary stressors. They need YOU to understand them too!

Areas of Advocacy Required by You as a Parent
If you can't show up for your kid as they navigate a mixed race identity, who will?

What Aspects of Cultural Exposure to Tackle
A stable identity begins with being connected and grounded to traditions and people we come from!

A Note from Dr. Jenn ...

There is a LOT to be aware of when raising a mixed race child. I wanted to create a list that really shows how much our kids need from the adults in their lives. This list gives parents a starting point to take it all in and decide what they want to tackle first. It gives a chance to see what you've already been working on and can spark new ideas for how to be a family. Sometimes when things feel too big to tackle, we just need to lay it all out, you know?

This list will empower you to know what you need to do for your mixed race kid! And of course, you can always add me to this list as a support person - that's what I'm here for!

Dr. Jenn




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