8 Books You Need Right Now For Your Mixed Race Child

A well-rounded booklist to support your kid on their mixed race journey!

You need books that help your kid begin to think about what it means to be mixed race. These books will help your kid tell their story. They will see themselves represented and learn about the diversity of the mixed race experience. This book list will also include tools for you to get ready for bigger, deeper talks when it's time. 

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Download 8 Books You Need Right Now for Your Mixed Race Child and Get Resources on How to Raise Happy, Confident & Secure Mixed Race Kids, Including:

  • Books featuring unique mixed race backgrounds, some in English & Spanish
  • Books to help talk about racism
  • A book for parents and the coffee table too!

Hey there! I'm Dr. Jenn!

With over 20 years of advocacy work in the mixed race community and over 15 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, I am no stranger to helping parents with mixed race kids like you. 

I bring academic research and real life nuance together to provide more practical parent coaching. My lived experience as a mixed race person along with so many others with whom I have interacted along the way help me provide more practical parent coaching.




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