About Dr. Jenn

How I became a parent coach for families with mixed race kids

Short answer: I wanted to make a bigger impact.

In all my work with organizations and conferences dedicated to the mixed race experience, I was always struck by a few things. 

First, mixed race adults often referred to their adolescence and that period of identity development as a time of difficulty. They remembered not knowing how to respond to peers. They still felt the pangs of being othered or the struggles of finding acceptance. They often wished for more parent support or discussions.

And they always wished there were spaces and communities for mixed race folks growing up so they could share all this with others and not feel alone in the experience.

I remember thinking, do their parents know all of this? What would their parents have done if their parents knew their mixed race children needed their support?

In leading panel discussions and seminars where parents of mixed race children were high in attendance, I remember feeling so energized.

These are the folks I need to speak to! 

If parents feel empowered to help their child in the home, how much more confident will their kids be when they step outside and into the world?! And I got to see how many parents were so thankful for what they learned and how it helped them feel more confident in raising their young children.

But I noticed something. 

Parents with teens were feeling stuck. They didn’t know what to say to their teen. They didn’t know how to help now that their child was no longer under the age of 10 and needing to navigate group belonging and friendships..

The final straw happened over the internet.

I was checking the email of a nonprofit I worked for  - the Multiracial Americans of Southern California – and we got a message from out of state. It was a parent who found us and was desperately hoping we had a chapter in her state for her mixed race teen and her family. It hurt my heart to reply and say not only did we not have a chapter there, but that I wasn’t aware of any resources in her area. 

After the 3rd or 4th email like that, I finally decided that I would create the resource that others needed.

So here I am!

I am so excited to bring my knowledge and expertise to so many more people who have been searching for guidance for their mixed race teen. I love that I can now be able to help that mom who’s a couple states over – maybe even a parent who is on a different continent!

Thanks for being here!

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