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I'm Dr. Jenn
and I help parents raise happy, confident and secure mixed race kids!

With over 20 years of advocacy work in the mixed race community and over 15 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, I am no stranger to helping parents with mixed race kids looking for support and guidance.

What sets me apart is I back all of this work with my own experience in the world as a mixed race person! As someone who has had many informal conversations with mixed race adults of all backgrounds, I bring research and real life nuance together to provide more practical parent coaching.

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Learn how to affirm your child's existence as a mixed race person in the world and raise confident, secure mixed race kids. In this membership community, you will learn how to show up for your child and be the confident advocate your mixed race kid needs.

Get coaching, find community with other parents with mixed race kids, and increase your understanding of the mixed race experience.

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I’ve had the honor of co-teaching a high school mixed race studies class with Jenn, as well as collaborating with her on other mixed race community initiatives.  Jenn is an energetic, caring educator with a passion for helping people of all ages explore race and identity. She has a special knack for engaging youth, thanks to her wonderful sense of humor and relationship- building skills. The world needs more mentors like Dr. Jenn!  I wish my own parents and family could have had access to a coaching program like hers.

~ Diyana Price

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